The Art of Burning Bridges PARS514

The Art of Burning Bridges, which includes 2 members of the former band Fountain Infinity (and one member of September Mourning), who came and performed live in our studio back in 2005.

The Art of Burning Bridges – Segment 1

  • You were on a bit of a hiatus, what is going on album wise?
  • We do a little catch up on the history of the band.
  • We talk about the video that they were working on when the call took place.
  • Hear the band’s take on how the pandemic has affected them as musicians, after I ask about shows. Pat offers $5 shows on Wednesday nights, sarcastically.
  • Pat tells us the “story” behind their song Walls.

Segment 2

  • We go off on a tangent about Chux Beta and if they named the band TaObB, and we talk about the Hard Rock Cafe for a second.
  • If there was an apocalyptic event on Earth, hich tAoBB song should survive?
  • What cartoon character would play each of you?
  • Who would play you in a Rockumentary?
  • If you could go back in time, what band would you follow around for a year to learn from?
  • If you were the main character in the movie “Rock Star” what band would you end up a member of?
  • If you were in the role of a reporter doing their first freelance article like the kid in “Almost Famous”, what band would you want to write about?
  • If you had to build a band from the PGH scene to manage, who would you put in the band?
  • What has been your favorite venue to play in?
  • If you could open for any internationally touring band, who would you open for and where would the tour start?
  • Embarrassing moments?
  • 10-15 years from now, TaObB is in Social Studies books, why?

About the Author
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