September Mourning

September MourningWe took a bit of a detour this week and spoke with September from September Mourning. We started out talking a little bit about their current tour and where they’ve been and where they’re headed. We talked about the comic book aspect that is tied into the band’s image. It is around this time that we find out that the lead singer from The Art of Burning Bridges, Patrick Romanelli,  is now the guitarist for September Mourning. The first of 2 eps for TOABB has entered the mixing phase with Ocean to Ash‘s Kris Kilohertz, while Pat is on tour.   He plays the character Wraith. We also discussed how September got started in music (pop then rock), who supports her as a musician, endorsements, how long does it take her to get ready before a show, and when she decided she wanted to be a musician. We moved onto where the characters came from and how the comic book relates to the band and writing. We shifted gears to embarrassing moments on stage, or the lack thereof. Where does September discover new music? Who is a “new to her” band, that she is really into? We talk about the hip hop, country, and rock scenes and how they are different. How does the Pittsburgh Rock Scene compare to others around the world? She talks about the band/promoter relationship as well.

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