loudini rock and roll circus

Chris Thunderwolf Dodson PARS593

Tell us about what you do at Wolf’s Customs. Bill talks about the 11/20 WWIII and 12/11 I Am the One benefit shows for Walter Wright’s family. Walter passed away recently. He was the vocalist/frontman for skell. We talked about the 72 hour Zerpathon this weekend. How did you find our scene here in PA?…

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Whitethrash PARS591

Cody from Whitethrash joins Bill to chat about the band and all things music scene. Interview Segment 1 with Whitethrash We chat about pirate bands and Johnny Depp. Tell us about your BPM challenge that you put out on Facebook. Starting a battle set? We chat about Six Speed Kill because Cody was wearing one…

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Brian Genovesi PARS566

Pittsburgh Singer-Songwriter, Brian Genovesi joins Bill on episode 566 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show. Featuring Music from: End Bringer, Seethe, Brian Genovesi, Steve Hawk, The Redlines segment 1 with Brian Genovesi What brought you to the SOS Concert Series? What were some of the bands that you were in? How does a Brian Genovesi song…

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