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Woodland Creatures – Woodland Creatures join Bill on episode 95 of 3 Questions and a Song.

  1. Where do you consider to be homebase for Woodland Creatures?
  2. What genre do you consider your band to be?
  3. Who is your Dave Grohl?
  4. What is your favorite pizza that you’ve had because you are a musician?
  5. How did you come up with Woodland Creatures?
  6. If you’re leaving a show, and on your way out there is a DeLorean sitting there with its door open, what band are you going to go hang out with?
  7. You can invite any 4 people from the history of the world to eat dinner with you…
  8. Tell us about your song, “Keep On Running”
  9. We talk N’Stuff Music and the Next Door Cafe
  10. What is a non-traditional venue that you would like to play at?
  11. If you could write a song with any songwriter in the history of the world, who would you want to sit down with to write?
  12. Remember when the venues said you were a bit edgy…
  13. What is up next for Woodland Creatures?
  14. Do you have any good tour stories? asked by Mark Dignam on episode 095

About Woodland Creatures

Woodland Creatures is a six-piece Americana band based in Pittsburgh, Pa that believes everything is better with three-part harmony. Their original songs are carefully arranged to showcase the beauty and power of their harmonizing vocalists, and the virtuosic talent of their fiddle and lead guitarist. While their songs are influenced by a variety of musical genres, they are all tied together with rootsy vocals and unique instrumentation.

About the song, "Keep on Running"

We are big fans of mixing folk and rock elements in our songs. A great example of this is in Keep On Running where the classic sound of the violin and the distorted electric guitar echo each other. This song also features what we are most known for: our three-part-harmonies. As for the story behind this song, it was written during the pandemic when it seemed like our world was falling apart in multiple ways. The line
“Keep On Running” is how we keep going about our lives (keep moving forward) even when so much is going wrong around us. Keep On Running is the 3rd single from our upcoming album, Lay It All Down, which came out April 2nd with our album release party at Thunderbird Music Hall with The Living Street and Cello Fury.

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