Unification – the time is now.. w/ Brian Shaffer

Brian Shaffer of the Weekly RockBlog and the Free Peanuts Band came on the show to discuss the movement to unify the tri-state music scenes. He and Bill discussed how the AK Valley Scene is really family and it really wasn’t a competition. The bands use each other as motivation, but not competition. Brian mentioned how hard it used to be to get into venues in Pittsburgh if you weren’t part of a specific clique or had opened for those bands. He also discussed how the venue owners in our area seem to be more open to giving new bands a chance. Bill brings up that it’s harder to over-saturate this area with shows because we live in a more rural area and the venues are spread out a lot more, whereas, in a city there are multiple venues in one block.
We discussed how John Lane, of American Hilljack Files, is trying to create something in the Akron scene that is similar to what we have in the AK Valley.

We went off on a tangent about how Bill has helped the scene for a few minutes and got back to our topic at hand by asking Brian for some ideas on how we could unify the music scenes. Brian Shaffer mentioned a site that he, John & and are running called Podcast your Scene. PYS is a network of podcasts that support local music. I took a moment to point out that we had added the Grass Roots Show to our page. The Grass Roots show is a FM radio show that promotes the local scene on 97.7 The Rock Station.
It is at this point that Bill goes off on another tangent to talk about a cool event he, John Lane, & John Klazon (and Trudy) attended this past summer called Corbriwoodstock. This was a new experience for Bill, as it was a more laid back rock show. It was awesome.
It was at this point that Mr. Shaffer talked about having a yearly show where bands from the 3 different scenes are featured, but each year the state that it is held in rotates. This would allow the scenes to learn about bands from other scenes. He also mentioned a few experience that he had in the past along the same lines. At this point, Brian Shaffer brings up Al Gomes from Big Noise.
If you’re looking for more on our ideas about unifying the scenes please check out these 2 articles: https://www.buildthescene.com/please-allow-introduce/ & https://www.buildthescene.com/unite-scenes/
We gave a shout out to our awesome webhosting company Webhost Python for not only being a great webhost, but great people.
We spent some time talking about a mutual friend Tony Marinacci and his influence on our scene. You should take a look at Iron City Rock for their yearly awards. We’d like to see Tony get into their hall of fame.
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