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Let You Go - Victoria FireVictoria Fire is a female-fronted alternative hard rock band from
Pittsburgh, PA. The band strives to deliver a varietal sound, blending delicate vocals with fiery screams and riff-focused instrumentals.

Founding members Kaitlyn Washko (Vocals) and Andy Oddo (Guitar)
crossed paths in late 2018 and found that they had a shared vision for a new project. After eventually rounding out the lineup with Oddo’s longtime bandmate Cory Schuster on bass and Dan Moore (2019-2022) on drums, the pieces were in place. The band quickly started writing material and playing shows all over their hometown of Pittsburgh, eventually welcoming new drummer Dean Burlon Jr. into the group to replace the departing Moore in late 2022. Victoria Fire has since shared the stage with national acts such as Elisium, 3 Years Hollow, Madame Mayhem, Actor/Observer, Convey, and Fame on Fire.

The band has been working hard in the studio, putting the final touches on their debut EP and will be announcing the EP title and release date in spring 2023. The debut single and music video for their song “Fire” was released on August 26th, 2022. The second single “Let You Go” was released Feb 10th, 2023. Both of these early tracks should give fans a solid glimpse of what they should expect to hear from Victoria Fire going forward.

This episode contains music from: Kilmaine Saints, The Shiners, Working Breed, Victoria Fire, Chip and the Charge Ups, Cult ov Crowley

Interview Segment 1

  • What upcoming shows do you have?
  • What is a non-standard venue that you would like to play at?

Interview Segment 2

  • Tell us about your song, “Let You Go”
  • What is your writing process like. Is it like that for every song, or is it a more fluid process?
  • If you could sit down and write with any songwriter in the history of the world, who would you want to write with?
  • Tell us about an embarrassing moment that happened on stage.

Interview Segment 3

  • Who is your Dave Grohl?
  • What is the best pizza you’ve had because you are a musician?
  • You have a chance to ask your musical idol one question, who is the person and what are you asking?

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