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Working BreedPittsburgh’s art-rock four-piece Working Breed, presumably the city’s only band to prominently feature both trombone and musical saw, returns in May of 2023 with its first full-length since 2019, Gaslighter. Clocking in at just over 30 minutes, Gaslighter represents a new and more rock-forward face for the veteran group known for its expansive musical vocabulary and energetic, theatrical live show.

Featuring music from: Dragonfly Effect, Illusions of Grandeur, Rurally Banktrupt, Working Breed, Noble Hops (Feat. The Mo Show), Icons of Industry

Interview Segment 1 with Working Breed

  • Where did the name, Working Breed, come from?
  • If you’re standing at the same crossroads that Robert Johnston sold his soul at, what are you there to sell your soul to the devil for?
  • If you find a time traveling Delorean outside of your show, where are you going in time, and what band are you going to hang out with?

Interview Segment 2

  • Tell us about your song, “Break Free”
  • Why did you choose Little Giant Studio for your release party?
  • Tell us about Cisco Kid and the Release party.
  • Plants to brains?
  • What did you think when Erika brought the brain idea to you?

Interview Segment 3

  • Who is your Dave Grohl?
  • Can you pinpoint the moment that you knew you had to be in a band?
  • Who let you burn the letters in their yard? Liveburgh
    • Did you have any s’mores, or will you have to use the DeLorean to eat them while the letters burn?
  • What is a non-standard venue that you’d like to play at?
  • Where can your new album, Gaslighter, be found?

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