Dethlehem PARS525


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Brutalitus and Bovice of Dethlehem join episode 525 after embarking on their newest tale, Maelstrom of the Emerald Dragon.

Dethlehem Segment 1

  • Famously, KISS put out and ad looking for a guitarist, worded “Lead guitarist wanted, with flash and ability. Album out shortly. No time wasters please.” Last week, KHULT HEADWIND, became a LVL2 and joined the warriors of Dethlehem. My question is, what does an ad looking for a new warrior look like? I mean, I have some gauntlets and an amulet, would that get me in the door?
  • Normally I ask questions like, if your band was in a cartoon series, which series would it be and which character would be you; or if they made a rockumentary about Dethlehem, who would play you. What I want to know from you, is if you were from this realm, what would your day jobs be?
  • If I were to go on a quest with you, what bands would provide the soundtrack in between battles?
  • I also usually ask bands which songs of their’s would survive an apocalyptic event; however, for you I would like to know what that tale would be titled and how many tracks it would take for you to complete the quest? or more specifically how do you come up with the storyline for an album like Maelstrom of the Emerald Dragon?
  • Does Overlord Brom keep that helmet on for the whole show? What is the reddish orange glow coming out of his helmet?
  • When you guys are preparing for battle, what does your pre-show look like?
  • How do you decide who you’re going to ally with on a night?

Segment 2 with Brutalitus and Bovice

  • Can you tell me about an embarrassing moment that you had during a quest?
  • If you were given the quest to take over the world’s stages, which 2 unsigned bands would you ally with to accomplish that quest?
  • Having just watched your release, I have to know… what is your best guess on how many hours went into getting Maelstrom of the Emerald Dragon finished… starting with writing the first thought down and ending with the Facebook Live.
  • Can you quickly share your social media links, where your music can be bought, and anything you might have scheduled for the future? (A Dethlehem movie?!?!)
  • What is the story about the wound on your face? (Brutalitus)
  • Last question, step into your alter egos for a moment, and tell me something that you fans would be surprised to know about each of you, please.
  • Xbox or Playstation?

The legend of DETHLEHEM began in the realm of GHORUSALEM many eons ago. During their journey, the warriors of DETHLEHEM have traveled through time and space to do battle against dragons, wizards, warlocks, leviathans, shape-shifters, and a sh*t ton of other things that needed to be SLAIN (for XP, duh).

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