Joey Conner PARS651

Joey ConnerJoey Conner – Lead guitarist of the band Black Ridge, solo artist, n’stuff Music employee, guitar teacher, & more… joins Bill on episode 651 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show.

Featuring music from iNCO FidO, Black Ridge, FUBAR, Higher Vibration

Interview segment 1 with Joey Conner

  • We talk about the late, great Bill Duff in general, but about how he affected the music scene in our area and how he is responsible for Joey being a musician.
  • What are the chances that every time I go to N’Stuff Music, you’re wearing a Black Ridge shirt?
  • Tell us about your trip to Leesta Vall Recording Studio in NY.
  • Did you get to do anything in the city while you were there?
  • My daughter claims she is Black Ridge‘s favorite Domiano…
  • We talk about Rock for Life‘s Xmas 2022.
  • We learn about Joey teaching guitar at Murphy’s Music Center. (more Bill Duff stories – and also how my son’s trumpet lesson interrupts his lessons and more stories about my kids’ music adventures)
  • Who would you say has been your biggest supporter as a musician?
  • If you could invite any 4 people in the history of the world to dinner, who would it be?
  • Tell me about an embarrassing moment that has happened on stage.
  • How do they determine who does the demo videos at N’Stuff?
  • What is your favorite Christmas question?
  • We talk about a Very Yinzer Christmas and Band Together Pittsburgh.

Interview segment 2 with Joey Conner

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