The Real John Lane?

The real John LaneJohn “The American Hilljack” Lane, front man and lead vocals of the Hellfire Club & John Alfred Lane IV join Bill in the Episode of “Will the Real John Lane Please Stand Up… please stand up… In this episode we learn about John Lane and his doppleganger from another Earth… errr son, Johnny and their musical journey. We learn about Johnny and his band Three Vultures. Bill asks him some of his staple questions (you also get to hear Bill sing part of The Three Little Pigs). The Real John Lane talks about his favorite venues, pay to play, embarrassing stage moments, learning guitar and the drums, and shoots on the scene a bit, too.

Bill puts John on the spot and has him do an impromptu concert calendar for the show. He also tells us a story about lasagna… yes lasagna.

Who are the Three Vultures?

Three Vultures is the brain child of Dustin Cutright. For as long as he can remember, he has wanted to be a musician, one that changed the way people felt and listened to music, and one that also opened the minds of his listeners. With a few years and a few bands under his belt, Three Vultures is his most experimental project. With the passion and talent of John Lane on the drums and the groove-filled, dark bass riffs of Auston Dunnington, 3V is an experienced trio of musicians putting hard work, dedication, and love of all genres into their music. Taking influences from grunge, alternative, progressive, psychedelic, and stoner/desert rock for their music and life experiences for their lyrics, Three Vultures is a well rounded rock band.
Dustin Cutright- Lead Vocals/Guitar
Auston Dunnington-Bass/Vocals
John Lane-Drums/Vocals

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