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State of MindJohn Ferris of A State of Mind joins episode 71 of 3 Questions and a Song.

  • In the last episode Jesse said that everyone needed to check out the video for your song Shattered. I did, and then I watched Nightmare, too. I have to ask who comes up with the concepts for your videos and could you tell us a little about the videographers that you used?
  • What can you tell us about Misanthropik Records?
  • When did you decide you wanted to be a musician and what triggered that?
  • If you were creating a playlist for a long trip, what bands would you be listening to?
  • Play anywhere with anyone, where would it be and with whom?
  • Was music something that kept you alive, or was it something that you continued to do in spite of suffering that it may have caused you? Looking back would you have done anything differently. Asked by Jesse Creatchman in episode 70.

About State of Mind

State of Mind was formed in 1994. John Ferris… (vocalist/lyricist) and Robbie Grossheim…(rhythm guitar), are the only two founding members remaining. Old school metal, and the desire to entertain and share with the world what we do drives us to create the best music we can.

Genre: New Classic metal
Band Location Beaumont Texas, United states

About the song, Breath Away

Breath Away is about those times in our lives where we question our lives and our sanity. “A breath away” from being gone

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