Corpse God PARS612

Chris, Andrew, and Rick  join Bill to talk about their new band, Corpse God. The band just played their first show and are releasing their first single TODAY! Featuring music from: Feast on the Fallen, Illusions of Grandeur, Camp Element, Corpse God, A Common Crown, Alter the Design, Horehound

Interview Segment 1 with Corpse God

  • If you’re musical idol sits down beside you, what is the one question that would you ask?
  • If you could go back in time, which band would you hang out with?
  • What is the best pizza you’ve had because you were in a band?
  • What is something that has happened on stage that you didn’t do, that embarrassed you?
  • How did Corpse God form?
  • Can you pinpoint the moment that you knew you were going to be a musician, and when you decided on metal?

Interview Segment 2

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