Theriaca PARS660

Theriaca - A Different Shade of GreyTheriaca joins Bill in support of the upcoming album A Different Shade of Grey and their newly released video from that album for the track “Embrace”, which also happens to be the featured song on this episode.

Featuring music from: Trainwrecked, Woodland Creatures, Winter’s Descent, Theriaca, Blood Union, Crooked Ways, Silicon Kong

Interview segment 1 with Theriaca

  • I kind of accidentally got you on the topic of your writing process, please continue with that.. Once you take a song to rehearsal what happens next?
  • Which song do you wish you had written, that you did not?
  • Who is someone that you would like to write a song with?
  • Please tell us about the song, “Embrace”

Interview segment 2 with Kyle

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