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Brian K. Shaffer - Supposed to be FamilyBrian Shaffer joins Bill on Episode 93 of 3 Questions and a Song to introduce the listeners to his newest song, “Supposed to be Family” and to tackle 3 Questions!

  1. This song wasn’t originally a country song, how did it get there?
  2. If you could write a song with any song writer in the history of the world, who is it and why?
  3. How does your work as a voice actor influence your work as a musician, and how does your musicianship influence your voice acting? – question asked by Joshua of Doors In The Labyrinth on episode 92.

** Note, Brian couldn’t find the rock version of Supposed to be Family, so we played (kaj) – Focus Factor so that you can hear him singing some rock.

About Brian Shaffer

Genre: Multiple
Location: Kittanning, PA, USA

I have been writing and recording music for roughly 25 years. I got my start as a young child listening to my mother sing and play guitar and sitting by the large console stereo listening to records with her. I then began to teach myself how to sing and became a vocalist in many a cappella groups such as the “Distinguished Gentlemen” and “Common Ground,” in which we performed across the Mid-Atlantic Region in such cities as Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Cleveland and placed 4th at the National Harmony Sweepstakes at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. We had the pleasure of sharing the stage with such legendary groups as “The Monkeys,” “The Marcells,” “The Tymes,” “The Vogues” and “The Contours.” As my career began to grow, i began to front a number of rock bands including (kaj) – pronounced “Cage,” in which I was a founding member. As the frontman for (kaj), we were featured in a National Rock Showcase in Louisville, KY and were a feature band at the “Heart of Texas Quadruple Bypass Music Festival” – AKA “The Texas Rockfest” in Austin, TX. Our music has been played on numerous radio stations, including the legendary WDVE 102.5 Pittsburgh, and podcasts across the US as well as overseas, including XM and Sirus Satellite Radio and the Pennsylvania Rock Show, The Nationally Syndicated “Lex and Terry Morning Show,” The “Adam Curry (of MTV Fame) Podcast Rewind” and the “Armed Forces Network,” broadcasted to our brave men and women fighting for our freedom across the globe! Some of the songs that i wrote for the band (kaj) “Redeemer” and “Disposition”were selected by MTV Networks for use in such shows as “MTV Made,” “MTV Fat Camp,” “MTV Spring Break“and the new show “MTV Exiled.” I have had the pleasure of working with Tony Marinacci of “Total Music and Entertainment” as a vocalist on 2 of his tunes and the song “Can’t Take Another Day” was used for the Pittsburgh Penguins Highlights Show on FSN Pittsburgh.
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About the song, “Supposed to be Family”

My song “Supposed To Be Family” was written around schoolkids and their puppy love. The song is a true story, but actually is about 2 different girls from grade school, but really focuses on one in particular that her Mom and my Mom said that someday they thought we would be married, hence the title “Supposed To Be Family.” I originally wrote it as more of a “Rock” song, but was approached by a Producer who thought it would make a great “Country” song. I re-recorded the vocals and hired my friend and fellow bandmate Jeffrey Towers to “sprinkle Christmas” on the song to add a more country-like guitar feel and play some great melodic solos. It was released to all major music outlets on February 10, 2023. I created a video for the song on my Youtube Channel as well.

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