A Wright of Passage

Lots of music and information for you in this episode. I took a moment to talk about the passing of Cliff from KGB. He was an integral part of our scene and he will be missed. I also did a segment that I titled A Wright of Passage. In this segment I featured songs from Step 11, (kaj), and skell. the link between these songs is that Walter Wright sang lead vocals on all of them. You can hear the progression of his vocals and see how he got to where he is now with what I consider to be the best metal band in the Pittsburgh area. You can read a cd review for their “Everything’s Fine” EP on our other site AK Music Scene. They are currently looking for a drummer to finalize their lineup. You can e-mail Mikey Palone if you think you have what it takes.
We featured tracks from:
Sofachrome, Tony Marinacci, Camp Element, Silk 9, Homicide Black, Step 11, (kaj), skell, KGB, Dethlehem, Divine Tragedy
We featured the following upcoming concerts:

  • May 13: Rock for Life: Spring FlingLeechburg Moose – $5 Members/$10 Qualified Guests
    1. Big house Pete
    2. MonaLisa Smile
    3. a common crown
    4. Heidi & The Hellcats
  • June 10: Feel the Fire Fest 5 – $20 preshow/$25 at the gates – 1314 Hebron Rd SE, Heath, OH 43056-1040
    1. Saliva
    2. Xfactor1
    3. Scars like Mine
    4. Waragon
    5. one in the Chamber
    6. After the fall
    7. Managed Chaos
    8. Iron Head Inc
    9. Corrosive Vengence
    10. Ribcage
    11. Infidel
  • July 7 & 8: Gigaroo 2017 – $20 – Iselin Ballfield

    Friday July 7

    1. Homicide Black
    2. Zone 8
    3. East End
    4. Kill the Drama
    5. Shattered
    6. a commmon crown
    7. JL Cook Acoustic

    Saturday July 8

    1. After the Fall
    2. Silk 9
    3. The Hellfire Club
    4. Flashback
    5. Mojo Filter
    6. Here and Now
    7. Transcendence
    8. Post Traumatik
    9. OverMyDeadBody
    10. Trigger Happy
    11. SuffaCate

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