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Doug Carnahan returns to 3 Questions and a Song. This time Doug is here to talk about his solo EP, The Lighter Side of Dark.

  1. Let’s start out with the most important thing first, what can you tell us about your upcoming Ep Release show?
  2. What is your favorite thing about doing solo shows?
  3. With something that sounds so very well put together as After the Fall, what made you want to do a solo project? asked by MadClock on Episode 61.

About Doug Carnahan

Doug Carnahan is an American vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He’s no stranger to the stage, having been performing for over a decade, both all over his native Pennsylvania and across the U.S. Doug has been the front man for quite a few hard rock bands over the years, starting with his first band, Devils Under the Influence, which he formed back in 2008. From his next band, A Guilty Revelation, to joining his current, award-winning band, After the Fall, Doug has continued his passion for writing, recording, and performing music.

Now, Doug is stretching his musical legs with his solo acoustic project, releasing his first ever solo acoustic record, The Lighter Side of Dark. Started back in 2017, as a way to help gain exposure (and make a little extra golfing money), Doug’s solo acoustic act consisted of him playing his favorite covers to local bars. Over the years, the concept of just a guy, his guitar, and the music grew on Doug, and he began to extend his acoustic repertoire with original material and a more extensive collection of cover songs. As it continued to expand and grow, and with his desire to explore new musical horizons, a solo acoustic record was the next logical step. Drawing on a few older songs from his years of songwriting as a starting point for the record, Doug also wanted to expand beyond his native rock music. With the inclusion of a couple brand new songs, this record showcases Doug’s songwriting sensibilities and puts on display the many different styles and genres that he himself is a fan of. The Lighter Side of Dark is just the first step in what Doug hopes will be a new turn in his musical journey.

Doug currently resides near his hometown, outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but would rather be living near a beach somewhere. When he’s not writing or performing, he enjoys spending time with his wife and six children, golfing, traveling, and dreaming about living near the beach.

About the song, Can’t Believe

“Can’t Believe” is the first single from Doug Carnahan’s upcoming solo acoustic debut. Doug, the vocalist for the popular Pittsburgh hard rock outfit, After the Fall, stays in the vein of rock with “Can’t Believe”, yet allows the haunting, bittersweet song to take on a life all it’s own by stripping down the usual distortion and studio production, leaving only the bare minimum, making for a listening experience that will truly resonate with listeners of all genres and walks of life.

Doug Carnahan
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