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In the latest episode of the Pennsylvania Rock Show, episode 704, we dive deep into the musical journey of Craig Veltri. Join us as we explore his latest full-length acoustic concept record, “Letters to the Defendant,” delving into the raw emotions and personal experiences that inspired the album. From the struggles of alcoholism to the redemption that follows, Craig shares the intimate details of the downfall of his marriage and the subsequent housecleaning of his life.

But it’s not just about the personal stories; we’ll also uncover Craig’s musical influences, his background in the industry, and his perspective on the ever-evolving music scene in 2024. Get ready for an insightful and heartfelt conversation with a talented artist. Tune in and discover the stories behind the music on this episode of the Pennsylvania Rock Show!


To turn a phrase from his song “Home Out on the Shore,” Craig Veltri is a “country/urban hybrid”

In August 2015, Veltri released his first full-length album, A Million Miles to Go. Mostly autobiographical, the entirely acoustic album is a surprisingly eclectic mix in musical styles while still maintaining a pointed and direct lyrical approach.

In August 2020, Veltri released his first EP, Vagabond. Produced by former Charlie Daniels Band drummer, Jack Gavin, this EP is a culmination of Veltri “cutting his teeth” in Nashville for the previous 5 years.

Veltri has released 6 singles since Vagabond continuing to flex and stretch his creative range. Whether it be “Shine On”, a Beatles inspired song penned by Veltri and produced by fellow Pittsburgh native Bryan Cole, or his most recent single “Wandering Eye”, a song with a Hank Williams inspired motif co-written by Abby Hankins and produced by PT Houston of Off The Row Studios, Craig Veltri intends to never shy away from any genre of music and refuses to be pigeonholed.

In November 2022, he released a video for the single “Makin’ Noise on Music Row” filmed entirely on location in Nashville, TN with the help of Eli Adelman and Ten Bears Productions.

His latest record, a full length, acoustic, concept record entitled “Letters to the Defendant” details the downfall of his marriage due to alcoholism, his personal housecleaning and redemption.

A proud native of Pittsburgh, PA, Craig Veltri currently resides in the Steel City. He is also the host of The Craig Veltri Interview, a talk show and podcast airing on Scarfire Radio ( every Thursday night at 6 pm.

All of Craig Veltri’s music is available for download on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon Music and all other digital retailers. Full show schedule is available at can be found on, Instagram @craig.veltri and on Facebook @CraigVeltriOfficial.

Featuring music from: Charlie Barath, Justin Wade Band, Craig Veltri, Joe Patrick and Four on the Floor, Stone Senate, Medusa’s Disco, Rover, Lone Crow Rebellion

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