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In this episode of the podcast, we sit down with Johnnie Occhipinti, a key figure behind The Big Break Contest. This unique contest presents a challenge to emerging musicians: to create a homemade music video for their original songs, all without any paid assistance. The catch? It’s all about engaging with fans and rallying votes to advance through various rounds.

We delve into the contest’s journey, from crafting homemade music videos to facing off in a lively festival-style battle round. Only a select few semi-finalists get the chance to perform before a panel of seasoned industry judges. The stakes are high as audience reactions, judge evaluations, and public votes converge to determine the top three finalists.

Stay tuned as we explore the ultimate prize – a professionally-produced music video, audio track, photo shoot, and coveted record and distribution deals. The heart of this contest beats with a team of dedicated volunteers, driven by a shared passion to nurture and uplift rising talents.

Connect with The Big Break Contest online via their website and social media channels. Join us as we uncover the ins and outs of this empowering musical journey. Tune in to this insightful episode featuring Johnnie Occhipinti from The Big Break Contest.

The contestants

Season 4’s contestants are:

This episode features music from: All Day Special, Sour Station, hALF Wheel, Phazed, The Anxiety Effect, Killburn, Transcendane, Dragline

Interview Segment 1 with Johnnie Occhipinti

  • What is The Big Break?
  • What 3 objects had to be included in the DIY video?
  • What do the bands have to do to make it to the live round?
  • Tell us about the 12 band surprise.

Interview Segment 2

Tell us about the 12 bands.

Interview Segment 3

  • How do bands get involved in season 5?
  • What is Robin’s job?
  • Who else is on the team?
  • What venue are the live shows being played at?
  • What are the season 5 prizes?

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